HD TATs Contract

Managed by Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC), HD TATs is a Multiple Award IDIQ focused on delivering A&AS and RDT&E services and solutions to the homeland defense/ homeland security community including Department of Defense, Federal Civilian, State and Local Government, and coalition partners.

Technical Focus Areas

  • Homeland Security & Defense
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)
  • CBRN Defense
  • Medical
  • Cultural Studies
  • Alternative Energy
  • Laboratory and Surety Facility Access

Representative Tasks

  • Technical Development
  • Evaluation
  • Plans and Frameworks
  • Implementation
  • Research and Analyses
  • Training (non-routine)
  • Operations and Support Developmental Analysis
  • General Subject Matter
  • Technical Conferences and Meetings
  • Other R&D or R&D-Related A&AS Services

Benefits of Using HDTATs

  • Rapid task order process – < 6 months from initial Performance Work Statement (PWS) submission to contract award ‐ vs 9-14 months
  • Low pass through – 1.2%, far less than the government average of 3-5%
  • Dedicated government support – DTIC’s Customer Support Cell (CSC)
    • Actively marketing the vehicle across government
    • Providing technical and contract expertise facilitating and accelerating the process from requirement to award
  • Supports agency small business goals
    • Every task order goes through a small business set-aside determination
    • NSIA task orders provide small business credit in both pools
  • Flexibility provided by:
    • Breadth of scope
    • Funding types (S&T, Procurement, O&M)

HDTATs Contract Details

  • NSIA HD TATs Contract Number: FA8075-14-D-0007
  • Contract Type: FFP, FFP LOE, CPFF
  • CLIN Types: A&AS, RDT&E
  • Task Order Duration: up to 60 months, cannot extend beyond 36 months of the Ordering Period
  • Period of Performance: 01 May 2014 to 30 Apr 2019 (+ 6 months)

Ordering Instructions

  • Requiring Activity (RA) contact DoD IAC Program with requirement
  • RA is assigned a Customer Support Cell (CSC) liaison who assists in developing procurement documentation (e.g., PWS, MIPR)
  • Small business set-aside determination is conducted
  • TOPR evaluation and award is made